The History of the San Dieguito Art Guild and Off Track Gallery.

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How it All Began

The San Dieguito Art Guild was organized in 1965 by a group of twelve enthusiastic artists who lived in the San Dieguito area (this area includes the coastal cities from Del Mar to Leucadia). Their purpose was to promote greater understanding and appreciation of the fine arts in the area.

Sue Beere

Sue Beere (who worked in oil and painted horses) wanted to start an art group. She called together friends and neighbors to a coffee at her Del Mar home. In this first meeting were thought to be Olivia Priller-Walker, Mickie Woolman, William Wicknick, Marjorie Morgan, and Vilma Malmberg. Other founding members were Marjorie Morgan, Agnes de Lambert, Dorothy Woolley, Bill Wicknick, Dorothy Telford, Mary Bricker, Mary Elsie Davis, Jo Fisher, Mrs. James F. Kuidor, Erma Lawson, Marie Angenent and Catherine Curran.

Sue was elected as the first president and served for the 1965-1966 term.

The first people involved in the San Dieguito Art Guild were a mixture of people — some with a lot of art training, some with none at all. They met in each member’s homes until a rental space was available.

The first 100 members to join the newly formed San Dieguito Art Guild were designated charter members. These included Marjorie La Ray, Kirby Sumner, Lee Woods, Ann Knapton, Mavia L. Shortlidge, Ruth Roebuck, Vilma Malmberg, Betty Hammond, Bonney Park and George Hukar among many others.

Blue Lantern Art Gallery
The Guild artists began showing their work on the lawn of the Old Del Mar Hotel property. With the money raised from the outdoor shows, commissions from sales and dues, the members were able to rent a small shop in downtown Del Mar. It was located in a tiny store building next to the Chamber of Commerce in Del Mar and named the Blue Lantern Art Gallery after the blue lantern that hung in front of the shop.

The 1960’s


Saint James Catholic Church Building
In December 1966, the Guild moved across the street to the former St. James Catholic Church, which is now the Del Mar Library. It served as headquarters through September 1969. Monthly Memberships Shows, one-person shows, and an art supply store were all available.

Olivia Priller-Walker

The president for the 1966 -1967 was Olivia C. Walker. The first by-laws were passed in August 1966.
Articles of Incorporation were received in the Guild’s third year, January/February, 1967 .

William Wicknick
The president for the 1967 – 1968 term was William Wicknick.

George Hukar
The president for the 1968 – 1969 term was George Hukar.

La Ray
The president for the 1969 – 1970 term was Marjorie La Ray.

1969 Part 1
1969 Part 2
1969 Part 3
1969 Part 4
1969 Part 5

The Del Mar Library in 2008

This is the Del Mar Library as it looks in 2009.

The Chateau Art Gallery
In October, 1969 the Guild moved once again. The old St. James Church was sold and so guild moved into the “old Chateau” or as it was also known the “Honeymoon Cottage” of the Old Del Mar Hotel. This building was the only remaining structure of the old hotel. The four bedrooms were converted into art studios, the second floor became a large workshop and meeting room. The main gallery was on the ground floor. There was even room for the permanent hosts (first Bill and Ruth Roebuck and then Syd and Debbie Sowers) to live on site! Staffing the gallery was on a volunteer basis.

A full schedule of classes, conducted by some of the finest art teachers in the country, was available. These teachers included George Hukar, Marti Roi, Vezia Laurey, and Thelma Speed Houston. The rent was $150 a month and membership dues were $7.50.  A yearly scholarship of $100 was established and presented to an outstanding college art student in the San Dieguito area.

The Chateau or the Honeymoon Cottage

The 1970’s

Ruth Roebuck
The president for the 1970 -71 term was Ruth Roebuck.

January 1971
February 1971
March 1971
April 1971
May 1971
June 1971
July 1971

Dee Wilhelmy
The president for the 1971-72 term was Dee Wilhelmy
Dee and her husband owned the Wilhelmy’s Picture Framing
in Leucadia, where the guild would eventually move to.

August-September 1971
October-December 1971

Marjorie Morgan    Mary Ellen Melton
The co-presidents of the guild for the 1972-73 term were Marjorie Morgan and Mary Ellen Melton.

1972 part 1
1972 part 2
1972 part 3
1972 part 4

St. James Academy school building

The president for the 1973-74 term was Marjorie Morgan.

June, 1973 the owners decided to convert the Chateau into office space and the San Dieguito Art Guild was searching for a home again. The Guild and artists occupied the old St. James Academy school building from 1973 to 1975, when the City of Del Mar took this space over for their new Civic Center. This was the last Del Mar location for the SDAG.

1973 SDAG location


Dorothe Reavell
The president for 1974-75 was Dorothe Reavell.


1038-B Hwy. 101,  Leucadia
In 1975, the Guild left Del Mar and moved to Leucadia.

SDAG in leucadia 1975

Betty Sturdevan
The president of the 1975-76 term was Betty Sturdevan.

1975 part 1
1975 part 2
1975 part 3

In November of 1976 it was noted that the Chateau was empty. Was there a possibility of Guild moving back? Board members were not thrilled. In December it was noted that the Chateau was rented to a film company.

Gallery exterior
Gallery exterior 1976

Gallery interior
Gallery interior 1976
September meeting at Guild
Val Mote, Mickey, Dorothy, Marion, Marge Morgan

Spring Art Fesival
10th Annual Spring Art Festival — May 2, 1976
Mickey Wooman (blue suit), Marge Lewis, Aretta Scarper, Harvey Scarper, Rita Kudrma, Elsie Goss (in dark print)

Cover of the “Yearbook” published each year with names and addresses of all the Guild members.
Cover design logo by Bonney Park (aunt of present member Charlene Bonney).

1976 Part 1
1976 Part 2
1976 Part 3
1976 Part 4
1976 Part 5
1976 Part 6
1976 Part 7
1976 Part 8

February, 1977 the Wilhelmys sold the property in to Victor Calvi and the rent went from $300 per month to $400 per month. Gloria Winfrey was elected president of the guild.

Gloria Winfrey

1977 Part 1
1977 Part 2
1977 Part 3
1977 Part 4
1977 Part 5
1977 Part 6

Marjorie Lewis president

Starving Artist flyer

SDAG Art Gallery sign

1978 Part 1
1978 Part 2
1978 Part 3
1978 Part 4
1978 Part 5
1978 Part 6

Starving Artist Show  Starving Artist Show
At the Starving Artists’ Show in August 1979

1979 Part 1
1979 Part 2
1979 Part 3
1979 Part 4
1979 Part 5

The 1980’s

President 1980 Clara Fleming
The president for the 1980-1981 term was Clara Fleming

1980 hot dog stand
The always popular hot dog stand at the annual Starving Artist Sale held in August

1980 Part 1
1980 Part 2
1980 Part 3
1980 Part 4
1980 Part 5

Elsie Goss president 1981  Champagne flyer
Elsie Goss, president, 1981-1983

Looking south
Looking south on Highway 101

1981 Part 1
1981 Part 2
1981 Part 3

In June of 1982 a group of 10 artists who had run the Art Garden Gallery in Del Mar moved their gallery into the downstairs portion of the old train station in Leucadia. The Pannikin was upstairs. They named their new gallery the Offtrack (one word) Gallery. In time, the San Dieguito Art Guild would merge with the Offtrack Gallery and the two groups became one.

Offtrack Gallery  Britta Kling

Britta Kling in front of the new Offtrack Gallery

Meanwhile SDAG continued with the annual Spring Cash Awards Show, their annual Starving Artists Show and started a new tradition “Paint-Ins”. These Paint-Ins were events where members set up displays and also demonstrated painting techniques throughout the day. The public was invited to attend.

A few of the key members in 1982:

Linda Bolognese  Bertie Ficaro  Joan Grine
Linda Bolognese   Bertie Ficaro         Joan Grine

Marge Lewis  Pat McCoury  Bonney Park
Marge Lewis         Pat McCoury         Bonney Park

Loretta Phoenix  Betty Sturdevan
Loretta Phoenix     Betty Sturdevan

1982 Part 1
1982 Part 2
1982 Part 3
1982 Part 4

The president for the 1983-1984 term and also for the 1984-1985 term was Bonney Park.

1983 Part 1
1983 Part 2
1983 Part 3
1983 Part 4

Bonney Park and Marge Lewis
Bonney Park, president, giving award to Marge Lewis 1984

From The Citizen Newspaper
From The Citizen Newspaper 1984

Starving Artists Show  Starving Artists Show
Starving Artists Show 1984

1984 Part 1
1984 Part 2
1984 Part 3
1984 Part 4

Elsie Goss takes over for Bonney Park
New president Elsie Goss (two MORE terms: 1985-1987) takes over for Bonney Park

New signs at the San Dieguito Art Guild gallery
New signs at the San Dieguito Art Guild gallery

1985 Part 1
1985 Part 2
1985 Part 3
1985 Part 4
1985 Part 5

Invitation to Arts and Flowers Valentine Party
Elsie Goss, president, giving award to Janet Finney
Elsie Goss, president, giving award to Janet Finney

Leucadia Art Guild
Leucadia Art Guild

Patricia Bynum-Watkins and Elsie Goss
Patricia Bynum-Watkins and Elsie Goss

1986 Part 1
1986 Part 2
1986 Part 3
1986 Part 4


1987 Part 1
1987 Part 2
1987 Part 3
1987 Part 4
1987 Part 5

Tom Brochu
The president for the 1987-1989 term was Tom Brochu

1988 Part 1
1988 Part 2
1988 Part 3
1988 Part 4
1988 Part 5
1988 Part 6
1988 Part 7

In 1989, in celebration of its 25th year of existence, the San Dieguito Art Guild received the prestigious GRUMBACHER SILVER MEDALLION AWARD at its annual May Art Show, Open House and Reception. The Grumbacher Awards are given to galleries who meet their qualifications. The San Dieguito Art Guild was honored in its twenty-fifty year of outstanding service to San Diego’s North County’s artists – an endeavor that includes encouragement, competition, artistic environment, education, opportunity and advancement.

gallery 1989

Hildegarde Stubbs-president

The president for the1989-1990 and 1990-1991 terms was Hildegarde Stubbs

1989 Part 1
1989 Part 2
1989 Part 3
1989 Part 4
1989 Part 5
1989 Part 6
1989 Part 7
1989 Part 8

The 1990’s

President Hildegarde Stubbs gives award to Bonney Park �
President Hildegarde Stubbs and Bonney Park

President Hildegarde Stubbs and Vilma Malmberg
Hildegarde gives award to Vilma Malmberg

Hildegarde Stubbs and Gloria Daniels
Hildegarde gives award to Gloria Daniels

1990 Part 1
1990 Part 2
1990 Part 3
1990 Part 4
1990 Part 5

Pat Watkins in the Gallery
Pat Watkins in the SDAG Gallery, 1991
Millie Waelchli �by refreshment table
Millie Waelchli by refreshment table, 1991

Betty Sturdevan
Betty Sturdevan, 1991

Joan Grine, president, giving a demonstration
The president for the 1991-92 term was Joan Grine.
She is giving a pastel demonstration held at Quail Gardens.

Joyce Patrick and Janet Finney seated outside Gallery
Joyce Patrick and Janet Finney seated outside Gallery, 1991

1991 Part 1
1991 Part 2
1991 Part 3
1991 Part 4
1991 Part 5
1991 Part 6

Patricia Watkins and Joan Grine. December Cash Award Show 1992 �
Patricia Watkins (president 1993 – 1995)
and Joan Grine (president 1991 – 1993).
at the December Cash Award Show in 1992

1992 Part 1
1992 Part 2

1992 Part 3
1992 Part 4
1992 Part 5
1992 Part 6
1992 Part 7
1992 Part 8

In 1993 the big news was the move of the Guild after 18 and a half years to 835 North Vulcan to share a building with Bradford’s Frame Shop. Joan Grine was president during this move.

1993 Part 1
1993 Part 2
1993 Part 3
1993 Part 4

1993 was the beginning of the Guild’s annual Artists’ Studio Tour.
“Chairman Gay Fisher has put together an enticing Artist Studio Tour featuring approximately 14 heads-up North County artists. The dates: Saturday, October 16 and Sunday, October 17 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets: $12.00. SDAG will host a Champagne Reception both days at our new Gallery location at 835 North Vulcan.”

1994 Part 1
1994 Part 2
1994 Part 3
1994 Part 4
1994 Part 5
1994 Part 6

June 1994 was the first Small Image Show, open to non-SDAG members.
September, 1994. SDAG is on the move again.
This time it is to merge with the Offtrack (one word) Gallery in the Pannikin.

From October 1994 Paint Rag: “First take-in at our Gallery was accomplished with what looked like organized chaos — but as with all new beginnings we improve with time. Entries for the monthly show numbered more than we’ve had in months, resulting in an overflow of the “great” wall. However, the overflow was successfully accommodated and the show is overwhelming.”

Cyndy Brenneman, president
Cyndy Brenneman is president 1995-1997.

SDAG hosts it’s 30th birthday party!
Membership is 250.

Inside the Off Track Gallery
Inside the Off Track Gallery, downstairs from the Pannikin, 1995

SDAG paints at the Flower Fields
SDAG artists paint, show and sell at the Carlsbad Flower Fields, 1995

SDAG members on trip to Calafia, Mexico
SDAG members on painting trip to Calafia, Mexico, 1995

1995 Part 1
1995 Part 2
1995 Part 3
1995 Part 4
1995 Part 5
1995 Part 6

Board 1996

1996: Standing:
Betty Sturdevan, ?, ?, Loretta Phoenix, ?,Gay Fisher, ?, ?, ?,Michael Gaszynski,?, ?, ?, McNeil Sargent
Kneeling: Hildegarde Stubbs, ?, ?, Joan Grine, Patricia Watkins, Sandra Bray, Diane Smith

1996 Part 1
1996 Part 2
1996 Part 3
1996 Part 4
1996 Part 5
1996 Part 6
1996 Part 7
1996 Part 8
1996 Part 9

1996-1997 Photo Album Part 1
1996-1997 Photo Album Part 2
1996-1997 Photo Album Part 3
1996-1997 Photo Album Part 4
1996-1997 Photo Album Part 5
1996-1997 Photo Album Part 6

1997 Board

?, Loretta Phoenix, Betty Sturdevan, Hildegard Stubbes, ?,  Jackie Bissell, ?, Judianne Shannon, Joan Grine, ?, ?, ?, Pearl Cadwell, ?, ?,  Barb Mille

The Mother’s Day tour included: The Off Track Gallery (Encinitas), Cathy Breslaw (Olivenhain), Charlene Bonney (Encinitas), Patricia Bynum Watkins (RSF), Betty Sturdevan (Encinitas), Cynthia Brenneman/Susette Amon, Tom Shannon (Cardiff), Joan Grine (Del Mar), Diane K. Smith (Encinitas), and  Irina Gronborg (Solana Beach). Saturday was at Quail Gardens and Sunday was the tour of the homes.

1997 Part 1
1997 Part 2
1997 Part 3
1997 Part 4
1997 Part 5
1997 Part 6
1997 Part 7
1997 Part 8
1997 Part 9
1997 Part 10
1997 Part 11

Shirley Hawley
The president for 1997 – 1999 was Shirley Hawley

1998 Part 1
1998 Part 2
1998 Part 3
1998 Part 4
1998 Part 5
1998 Part 6
1998 Part 7
1998 Part 8
1998 Part 9

The Mother’s Day tour this year featured the homes of Annette Paquet, Irina Gronborg, Joli Beal, Patricia Bynum Watkins, Sandra Bray, Cathy Breslaw, Diane Smith, Charlene Bonney, Char Cee Colosia, Claudia Brown. Saturday was held at Quail Botanical Gardens and Sunday was the tour of SDAG members’ homes.

Michael Gazynski    Jim Respess and Tom Shannon
Michael Gaszynski     Jim Respess & Tom Shannon

1999 Part 1
1999 Part 2
1999 Part 3
1999 Part 4
1999 Part 5