Grace Swanson

“Cactus Bloom”

Grace Swanson

Gourds, Watercolor
Gourds by Grace

Sea Life 2

“Sea Life 2”
Dyed and burned

I am a watercolor and acrylic artist but have recently discovered the world of gourds.

I love every facet of this new (to me) art form — from the cleaning, to burning, to sanding, to dying — you name it.

It is a great challenge to be working in 3-D instead of 2-D.

You may see my gourds exclusively at the Off Track Gallery in Encinitas.
For gourds that are currently available for sale go to
"Woven & beaded" Dyed by Grace Swanson

“Woven & beaded”

Sea shell with lid

“Sea shell with lid”

Pine Needle Coils

“Pine Needle Coils”

Yellow Flowers by Grace Swanson

“Yellow Flowers”

Burned and  Dyed

Sea Life

“Sea Life”

Burned and dyed

flowers of the dombeya tree by Grace Swanson

Flowers of the Dombeya Tree”