Off Track Gallery

Lumberyard Shopping Center
937 So. Coast Hwy 101
Suite C103
Encinitas, CA 92024
(behind St Tropez Bistro)
Open Daily 10am – 6pm

Phone: 760.942.3636

SDAG 2019 – 2020 Board of Directors

Board member email addresses and phone numbers are available to members in the Membership Directory both in printed form as well as on this Web Site.   To access the online Member Directory log into the Guild site under the Membership page using the Member User Name and Password then select Member Directory.

For non-members, please email: SDAG Information Request and someone will respond to you as quickly as possible.

   Linda Melvin                       
First VP Membership
   Karen Fidel            
   Linda Melemed             
Recording Secretary / Parliamentarian
   Nancy West    
   Janet Weinstein
Fundraising Event Chair
   Sharon Hoffman
Co-Tri-Calendar Chairs
   Carol Korfin                
   Sandy Heath              
   Ellen Cramer             
Floor Chair
   Lily Pourat
Gallery Manager
   Terry Oshrin
Hospitality Chair
   Marissa Wright         
Jobs Chair
   Jeff Brosbe
Monthly Show Chair
   Cheryl Ehlers
Newsletter Chair
   Sharon Hoffman
PR Chair
   Grace Swanson
Co-Wall Chairs
   Debi Buffington
   Julie Harris
Social Media Chair
   Judy Salinsky

Off Track Gallery Jobs

(last updated 9/24/19)

Gallery job Person holding the position

2-D, cards: Lisa Curry, Joanne Sullivan, Laurel Roberts

2-D shrink wraps: Bea Gold, Kate O’Brien

Annual Meeting: Linda Melvin, Karen Fidel

Bio book: Doreen Long

Business card binders: Doreen Long

Calendar chairs Carol Korfin, Ellen Cramer, Sandy Heath

Cash Drawer, Petty Cash:Doreen Long

Christmas Tree up/dwn: Hao Aiken

Client database: Darlene Katz

Constant Contact liaison: Karen Fidel

Constant Contact eblast coordinator: Nora Dewey

Cultural tourism: Laura Lowenstein

Daily call-in: Karla Nederlof

Environmental painters: Joan Grine

Event Web posting: Karen Witmer

Featured Artist Co-ordinator: Dolores Renner  

Floor chair: Lily Pourat

Floor rotation assistants: Cindy Alcoset,Susan Schulte

Forms committee: Judianee Shannon, Janet Scura

Fundraising Chair: Sharon Hoffman 

Gallery cleaning crew: Artie Mattson, Marissa Wright

Gallery Committee: Linda Melvin, Terry Oshrin, Carol Korfin, Sandy Heath, Ellen Cramer, Lily Pourat, Julie Harris, Debi Buffington

Gallery Graphics: Hao Aiken

Gallery lighting: vacant

Gallery Manager: Terry Oshrin

Gallery jurying coordinator: Lily Pourat

Gallery jurying team: Linda Melvin, Judy Salinsky, Sharon Hoffman

Gallery supplies: Kelly Marshall

Grant writer: Lin Holzinger

Historian: Grace Swanson, Carol Abel

Holiday Bazaar: Grace Swanson, Karen Fidel, Carol Korfin 

Hospitality assistant: Holly Wolfe, Diane O’Connell (receptions)

Hospitality chair: Marissa Wright

Instagram coordinator: Karen Hung,

Insurance coordinator: Cheryl Ehlers

Jobs chair: Jeff Brosbe

Maintenance, gallery: Harvey Korfin, Paul Richter, Cam Baher

Maintenance of back office:  Rowena Lee

Membership chair: Karen Fidel

Membership assistants: Yumi Yokoyama

Monthly Show jobs liason: Sharon Hoffman

Monthly Show entry tallies: Sharon Hoffman

Monthly Show Judging Coordinator: Lynn Ely

MS Ribbon Writer: Dave Ombrello

Monthly Show chair:

Monthly Show team Wes Farmer, Paul Richter, Pete Lanham, Phillip Brooks, Bobbi Harrington, Cam Baher, Judianne Shannon, Jill Ballard, Sharon Hoffman, Jeanne Abriel, Phillip Brooks

Newsletter editor: Sharon Hoffman

Off-site event coordinator: Ursula Schroter, Joyce Ford

Parliamentarian / recording Secretary: Janet Weinstein, Nancy West

Photographer for Monthly Show: Nicholas Paoni

Photographer for Receptions: Diane O’Connell, Nicholas Paoni

Public relations chair: Grace Swanson

P R assistants: Cheryl Delain, Kathey Bush, Karen Witmer

President: Linda Melvin

Rotation Notices, Wall:

Sales books justification: Carla Funk, Jill Ballard

Show & Tell co-ordinator: Gayle Baker

Social Media Chair: Judy Salinsky

Soravia coordinator: Aleksandra Owczarek

Staffer Name Tags: Hao Aiken

Staff trainer: Laura Stearn

Staff Training asst.: vacant

Sunshine: Julie Vance

Treasurer: Linda Melemed

Treasurer assistant:  Marilyn Shayegan 

Try It You’ll Like It: Grace Swanson

Wall chairs: Debi Buffington, Julie Harris

Wall rotation assistants: Nancy Klaphaack, Shandra Zawacki, Haixin Li, Joyce Nash, Grant Bathke, Karen Krugman,

Web Site coordinator: Carol Korfin

Web developer: Kathleen McGee

Web team: Gary Koop, Jill Treadwell