“Old Dodge”

Laurie Habermann

Acrylics, Oils, and Watercolors

My home is Alabama where I’ve lived the longest, but I grew up in the St. Louis area and went to college in Kentucky. I like to get back to those areas every now and then and visit friends and family.

I worked in the accounting field for 30 years, but often stared out the window and dreamed of painting beautiful landscapes and seascapes. My career took me to Michigan, Wisconsin, Alabama and San Diego. I retired from accounting in 2013 and was finally able to devote more time to art. I’d played around with watercolors for years, but never took classes, just read books.

Once I moved to Carlsbad, and saw the beautiful sunsets, and gorgeous ocean waves, I knew I had to learn to paint them. My dreams became reality when I met an artist at the Sawdust Festival who painted the best seascapes I’d ever seen, and he taught classes. His name is Michael Hallinan and he taught me how to hold a brush. I had a lot to learn. It was a magical moment for me. I still take his classes.

I enjoy painting all kinds of things, landscapes, seascapes, pets, cars and recently, portraits. But, my favorite is water and reflections; they will always fascinate me.







“Wave 2”