Making art may be in my family roots and I always had the creative itch, but I didn’t pick up a brush and
begin oil painting until 2016, having retired from a 40-year career in business management. What a joy
this new chapter has been! Taking up painting allowed me to marry left and right brain, logic and
intuition, and as such, has had me hooked ever since. I jumped on the bandwagon and never looked
back. I now see the world differently and seek to convey what I see in my paintings.
I have been influenced by my studio painting teachers including the late Catherine Grawin, Claudia
Verciani, Carole Mayne and Linda Bounds along with workshops with Tom Balderas, Stacy Kamin, Toni
Williams, Dennis Perrin and others. Inspired by the colorist tradition, my paintings reflect my
appreciation for the impact of light on color. My work portrays my enjoyment of interesting people, the
culinary arts, the awesome beauty of the outdoors and all things whimsical.