Michael Chesnut Photographer
Michael Chesnut

Michael Chesnut

Photography & Digital Art

I am an artist, photographer, and illustrator living in Encinitas, CA. I participate regularly in the monthly show at Off Track Gallery.

Each medium allows me to explore a different facet of my creativity and speak with a variety of visual voices to convey my messages and ideas.

I enjoy knowing each person who sees my work brings with them a lifetime of ideas and experiences that ensures they will react to it in a completely unique way. It is one of the most magnificent aspects of art.

There is no wrong answer in art, just what we see and how we feel about it.

I hope that you will enjoy my work.

“Beachfront Fixer Upper” – Watercolor

“Winter Beach” – Photograph

“Doppler Stairs” – Digital Illustration

“Monarch’s Garden” – Colored Pencil

“Colorado Columbine #2” – Photograph

“Autumn Imprint” – Photograph