Sandy Levin

Fused & Casted Glass

Glass by Sandy Levin

 Leafy Sea Dragon by Sandy Levin

I began working in stained glass in the mid 1980’s when I took a class at a local community college in San Diego, CA.  I moved to Illinois, raised a family, and established a career in Education at the University of Illinois. In 2003, I retired from academia and moved back to San Diego.  At that time, I began to take a closer look at myself and figure out “what next?” I had accumulated a lot of stress in my life, as many of us do, and so I was ready for a change.

I also learned that I had a mild form of heart disease aggravated by stress, so I reduced my stress by exercising more, watching my diet, practicing yoga, meditating, and creating more glass art.  As I let go of the stress, worry and fear I carried around for many years, I began to focus more on the loving human being I am and began living in the present moment.  My heart, no longer agitated by stress became peaceful and the idea of Peaceful Heart Glass developed.

The calm, internal focus of my yoga and meditation practice has carried into each of my fused and casted glass pieces.  My work hangs in private residences and yoga studios. 

Glass by Sandy Levin

Drop Ring Vase

Glass by Sandy Levin


Changing Seasons by Sandy Levin

Changing Seasons

Glass by Sandy Levin

Drop Ring Bowl

Glass by Sandy Levin

Mirrored Reflections

Love Forever by Sandy Levin

Love Forever