Ready to join San Dieguito Art Guild?  

You can apply online or print the application and mail it to us or drop it by the Off Track Gallery.

Still have questions?  Contact the Guild Membership Chairperson:

Apply Online

Our Membership Application and Agreement can now be completed online.  It is a 2 part application that is quick and easy to fill out.  Once complete, you can then make your dues payment online.  An electronic copy of your completed form and your payment receipt will be emailed to you.

Paper Application

If you prefer, you may print out and complete the 2 page Membership Application and Agreement and mail it to us or drop it by the Off Track Gallery, along with a check for Membership Dues.  To do so, click on the link below, then in the grey line above the document click on the “download icon” (the grey box with a picture of a page with a down arrow).  It will download the form.  Print with the “print” icon near the top right of the screen.