• Community Liaison

    It is the Guild’s policy to be a good neighbor and to participate to the extent possible in civic events in the area.

  • Membership Obligations

    Membership is renewed every September 1st. New members joining in the preceding months of June, July and August are deemed current through the following year.

    Members are asked and expected to participate in the functioning of the Guild. It is an entirely volunteer organization.

  • Monthly Show

    The Monthly Show take-in time is  usually the last Tuesday of each month but is at times changed because of conflicting events. The time is from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.  Wall artwork for the monthly show is divided into three categories –

    1) under 17″ measured on the diagonal;

    2) between  18″ up to 32″  measured on the diagonal; and

    3) between 33″ to 48″ measured on the diagonal.

    Contact MonthlyShow@SanDieguitoArtGuild.com for more details on these categories and  also about exhibiting  3-dimensional work. All monthly show entries must remain on display for the entire month unless sold. They may then be replaced with a similar size replacement.

  • Wall/Floor Exhibitor

    After participation in three monthly shows, members may apply for wall or floor (jewelry and three dimensional artwork) space. Juries for these spaces take place periodically. Contact the Wall or Floor Chairs for information. Once juried in, members are placed on a waiting list.  When space is available artists are contacted and offered a contract for wall or floor space.  Wall/Floor Exhibitors must staff the gallery 3 shifts per 2 month rotation.  The third shift can be waived by fulfilling a position on the board or on a committee. Each exhibitor must volunteer on a committee, as a Board Member, or for events throughout the year.  Please contact  WALL for more information about Wall Exhibitors and  FLOOR for more information about Floor Exhibitors.

  • Sales Taxes

    The gallery collects applicable California state sales taxes on all sales, which are paid directly to the State.

  • Gallery Attendance

    The gallery is open daily (except Christmas and New Years) from 10 AM to 6 PM (with extended evening, weekend hours during the summer months) during which time it is staffed by members in 4-hour shifts. Wall and Floor Exhibitors (not monthly show participants) are required to staff the gallery for 3 times each 2 month rotation period.

  • Additional Member Responsibilities

    SDAG is a volunteer organization. All members will be asked and are expected to perform various tasks from time to time and to support the organization as needed.