August Monthly Show Winners

Best of Show

Diane O’Connell

“Salzburg Flower Market”



1st Judy Pheiffer “Along the Water’s Edge”

2nd Megan Jaffe “Oceanside Sunset”

3rd  Cher Bettencourt “Baby”

HM Judy Richardson “Steps to the Pier”

HM Judy Salinsky “Spanish Village Art Center”

HM Ellie Havel Thomas “Swami’s Sunset”

HM Holly Wolfe “Case Romantica”


1st Andria Custas Sullivan “Horseplay”

2nd  Jean Dybes “Out of Shadows”

3rd Bea Gold “Alstromeria”

HM Kert Jans “Swami’s Surf”

HM Catherine Montgrain “Falling”

HM  Kathleen Paoni “Tidal Gifts”


1st Christine Chyou “Rome Holiday” (watercolor)

2nd Niel Lynch “Grand Falls” (photography)

3rd Carol Abel “”Ole Barney” in Barnegat, NY” (watercolor)

HM Elizabeth Gilpin “Alluvial Dream” (watercolor)

HM Nicholas Paoni “Impressions of a Cardiff Sunset” (photography)

HM Karta Nederlof “Spoon Fork Bracelet” (jewelry)

Mixed Media

1st Angela Jackson “Encinitas Summer”

2nd Ianne Pruss “Mystic Bubble Platter” (fused glass)

3rd Vicky Jans “Power Surge”

HM Nancy-Jo Klaphaak “Floral Fantasy”

Digital Art

1st Clay Harris “Cranes on a Walk”

2nd Gary Koop “Eye of Sciacca”

3rd Blair Gibb “Nebulous”