August Monthly Show Winners

Best Of Show

“Forbidden Garden”

by Doriana Sinnett

(Digital Art)


1st:  “LeRoy Goes To Ponto” by Linda Volz

2nd:  “The Long And The Short Of It” by Kathleen Graham

3rd:  “Cassis” by Jorge Garza

HM:  “Shell Beach” by Nora Dewey

HM:  “Freedom” by Diane O’Connell

HM:  “Waimanolo” by Judy Salinsky


 1st:  “BeachFront” by Cheryl Ehlers

2nd:  “Day Trippers” by David Rickert

3rd:  “Downtown” by Suzie Concors

HM:  “Monterey, A Favorite Place” by Cherlene Meeker


1st:  “Our Pond” by Pat Smart

2nd:  “Village on the Rhine” by Christine Chyou

3rd:  “Dust at SRF Temple, Swami’s” by Elizabeth Hamud


1st:  “On A Budapest Train” by Michael Chesnut

2nd:  “Market Street” by Steve Knowles

Other 1:  Jewelry, Monotype, Pastel, and Woodcut

1st:  “Fork Bracelet” by Karla Nederlof

2nd:  “Paris Room” by Bea Gold

Mixed Media

1st:  “At The Beach” by Wes Farmer

2nd:  “Golf Course, Arizona” by Jorge Garza

3rd:  “Blue Humanity” by Nasrin Khein

Other 2:  Bronze, Ceramic, Digital Art, Textile

1st:  “Waiting For Lunch” by Ursula Schroter

2nd:  “Ocean Blue Evening Shawal” by Doreen Long

3rd:  “Butterfly Effect” by Doriana Sinnett