January Monthly Show Winners


Aceneth Rengifo

‘Summer Time’ (Acrylic)


1st    Cher Bettencourt ‘Fred the Farmer’ 

2nd   Irma Martinez ‘The Age of Innocence III’

3rd   Judi Pheiffer ‘Sunflowers’

HM   Cher Bettencourt ‘Bubba’

HM   Char Cee Colosia ‘Winter Passing’

HM   Jill Treadwell Svendsen ‘Barn Envy’

Acrylic, Watercolor 

1st    Marcy Evers ‘Fluidity’ (Acrylic)

2nd   Gregg Sindici ‘Whoosh’ (Acrylic)

3rd   Julie Swartz ‘Wave of Excitement’ (Acrylic)

HM   Jean Dybes ‘Into the Woods’ (Acrylic)

HM   Elizabeth Gilpin ‘Wyoming Fall’ (Acrylic)

HM   Christine Zeller ‘Polynesian Day Dream’ (Acrylic)


1st   Margot Carrera ‘Blue Iris Flower’ 

2nd   Craig Meyer ‘El Capitan Sunrise’

3rd   Howard Bagley ‘Elegant Flight’

Mixed Media 

1st   Artie Mattson ‘Treasure Hunt’ 

2nd  Marcy Evers ‘Field of Dreams’

3rd   Michelle Williams ‘Hearts Ablaze’

Other (Textile, Glass, Wood, Jewelry) 

1st   Bruce Norton ‘Antique Archeology Guitar’ (Wood)

2nd   Margot Carrera ‘Lily Pond’ (Glass)

3rd   Virginia Ann Holt ‘Koi A’Swimming’ (Hand Painted Scarf)

HM   Doreen Long ‘Baby Alpaca & Silk Wrap’ (Textile)

HM   Karla Nederlof ‘Fork Bracelet’ (Jewelry)

HM   Ianne Pruss ‘Ocean’s Waves’ (Fused Glass)

HM   Jonathan Rosenberg ‘Moderno Blues’ (Glass)

Other (Sculpture, 3D Art, Ceramic, Digital Art, Print) 

1st   Susan Harris Crab ‘(It’s Only This Big)’ (Ceramic)

2nd   Scott Wooster ‘Gold & Black EMU Egg’ (3D Art)

3rd   Charlene Meeker ‘Nighttime Watchman’ (Print)

HM   Mark Rafter ‘Heart of Thorns’ (Sculpture)

HM   Blair Gibb ‘Trapped in a Spiral’ (Digital Art)