December Monthly Show Winners

Small Show and Regular Show

BEST OF SHOW (Small Show)

Artie Mattson

Encinitas Boat Houses

Mixed Media

Small Show

1st Place:  Darlene Katz, Prodigy, Oil

Small Show

2nd Place:  Jennifer Hewitson, Botanical Breeze, Mixed Media

Small Show

3rd Place:  Basia Koenig, Invincible Other (Graphite)


HM:  Howard Bagley, The Path, Photography

HM:  Nicholas Paoni, I’m All Shook Up, Photography

HM:  Barbara Lynn Bingham, Potted, Oil

HM:  Blair Gibb, Tangled Ribbon, Digital Art


Watercolor/Acrylic Winners   

1st place: Ren Daniels, An Enchanted Kitty, Watercolor

2nd Place: Julie Swartz, The Anticipation, Acrylic

3rd Place: Cheryl Ehlers, Diving into the Deep, Acrylic

HM: Aceneth Rengifo, Blue Passage, Acrylic


1st Place: Cher Bettencourt, Dunmore Town Harbor Island 

2nd Place: Irma Martinez, Rancho Santa Fe Pastoral


1st Place: Charlene Meeker, Winter Sunrise, Colored Pencil 

2nd Place: Bea Gold, Fisher Girls, Woodcut

3rd Place: Karla Nederlof, Fork Bracelet, Jewelry

HM: Oscar Afsahi, Dancer in the Forest, Digital Art