April Monthly Show Winners

Best Of Show:  “Sirens”

by Grant Bathke

(Mixed Media)


1st:  “Lifeguard” by Nora Dewey

2nd:  “Highland Valley Cows” by David Rickert

3rd:  “Orange Delight” by Holly Wolfe

HM:  “Colors of Fall” by Holly Wolfe


1st:  “Cocky” by Elizabeth Hamud

2nd:  “Purple Haze” by Marylin Shayegan

3rd:  “Monarch’s Bliss” by Charlene Meeker

Mixed Media

1st:  “Landscape Study #1” by Aleksandra Owczarek

2nd:  “Ode to Rumi” by Margaret Johnston

3rd:  “Carlsbad Sunset” by Susie Romain


1st:  “Spring Fling” by Kathy Bush

2nd:  “Fork Bracelet” by Karla Nederlof


1st:  “Netanya” by Karen Witmer (Woodcut)

2nd:  “Mirror, Mirror…” by Terry Scott Allen (Photograph)

3rd:  “Expansively” by Pamela Taylor Waldman (Photograph)

HM:  “Message from the Mountain” by Cathy White House (Pastel)