October Monthly Show Winners

Best of Show

Swami’s Pumpkin Patch

by Judi Pheiffer



1st:  Summer Dreaming by Cher Bettencourt

2nd: Torrey Pines Estuary by Cathy Wessels

3rd: U.S. Marine Memorial, San Clemente by Judy Richardson


1st:  Ocean Vibe by Marcene Evers

2nd: Spree by Ellie Havel Thomas

3rd:  Magma by Gregg Sindici

HM: Flora Blanca (Acrylic Collage) by Jean Dybes

HM: Countryside Solitude by Charlene Meeker

HM: INTERACTIONS by K. Brooks Reid

HM: Soul Travel by Laurel Roberts


1st: Fruit & Flowers by Elizabeth Gilpin

2nd: A Gull’s View by Tom Shannon


1st: NYC #3 by Jeffrey Brosbe

2nd: Les Braves (Omaha Beach Memorial) by Elfreda Skidmore

3rd: Burney Falls by James Kitt

HM: In a Rut by Niel Lynch


1st: Patina, Amazonite & Copper by Bobbi Harrington

2nd: Fork Bracelet by Karla Nederlof

3rd: Elektra Bronze (set) by Kay Teeters


1st: Incoming (Mixed Media) by Michael Dicken

2nd: Greening (Woodcut) by Bea Gold

3rd: Thanks for Your Service/Scarf (Textiles) by Doreen Long

HM: Charles McPherson (Pastel) by Kerry Cortinas

HM: Collage Pair #2 (Collage) by Lisa Curry

HM: Bombs Bursting in Air (votive) (Fused Glass) by Ianne Pruss


1st: Selfie Jesus by Scott Hickey

2nd: E Pluribus Unum (Stainless Steel) by Danny Salzhandler

3rd: Meditating on the Inner Alien by James Boyd

HM: Mayan Warrior (Bronze) by Reginald Green