June Monthly Show Winners

Best of Show

“Tornado Over a Kansas Field”

by Jorge Garza


1st:  “Sunset Over the Pacific” by Holly Wolfe

2nd:  “Glider Port La Jolla” by Cathy Wessels

3rd:  “Nice Shot!” by Yumi Yokoyama

HM:  “Harbor Mall” by David Rickert


1st:  “Street Scene” by Tammy Albergo

2nd:  “Many Paths” by Houshang Wekili

3rd:  “Women in Motion” by Charlene Meeker



1st:  “Epiphylis” by Sally Bly

2nd:  “Ready for Winter” by Dot Dodds

3rd:  “Echeveria Elegans” by Marylin Shayegan

HM:  “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Food” by Elizabeth Hamud

Other 1 (Photography and Jewelry)

1st:  “Turquoise” by Bobbi Harrington (Jewelry)

2nd:  “You’ve Got Mail” by Janis Morgan (Photography)

3rd:  “Fork Bracelet” by Karla Nederlof (Jewelry)

Other 2 (Batik, Mixed Media, Pastel, Textile, and Wood Cut)

1st:  “Dancers in Purple” by Patricia Smart (Batik)

2nd:  “Trees, Adobes” by Cathy White House (Pastel)

3rd:  “Bathing Beauties” by Diane O’Connell (Mixed Media)

HM:  “Summertime Scarf” by Doreen Long (Textile)

Other 3 (Glass and Ceramic)

1st:  “Black Star Crab” by Susan Harris (Ceramic)

2nd:  “Strange Bird” by Deborrah Henry (Glass)