October Monthly Show Winners


“Coal Miners Day”

Lonnie Zarem


1st – “Pacific Coast” by Karen Crowell

2nd – “Turner” by Ellie Havel Thomas

3rd – “Still Life” by Char Cee Colosia

HM – “Lake Sunset” by Haixin Li

HM – “Misty Morning France” by Steve Lutzker

ACRYLIC / Watercolor

1st – “Little Me And You” by Laurel Roberts

2nd – “Meditation” by Marilyn Shayegan

3rd – “White Roses” by Sally Bly

HM – “Helios” by Michael D. Chesnut


1st – “Contemplation” by Terry Allen

2nd – “Castles In The Sand” by Michael Kacmarcik

3rd – “Orange & Yellow” by Elfreda Skidmore

Other #1 (Jewelry, Pastel, Gourd, Lucite, Ink, Encaustic)

1st – “Flower Earrings” by Jeanne Abriel (Jewelry)

2nd – “Autumn Mist” by Peggy Stokes (Alcohol Ink)

3rd – “Holographic Green Box” by Bob Picciotti (Lucite)

HM – “View To Swamis” by Diane Dudek (Pastel)

Other #2 (Mixed Media, Textile, Ceramic)

1st – “In The Pink” by Margaret A. Johnston (Mixed Media)

2nd – “Untitled 1” by Joan Thornburn (Ceramic)

3rd – “Autumn Symphony” by Virginia Ann Holt (Textile)

HM – “Sunset in Paradise” by Joyce Ford (Textile)

HM – “Roots In Motion” by Ursula Schroter (Textile)