May Monthly Show Winners

Best of Show

Too Cool For School

Marylin Shayegan



1st:  “Off Track Gallery” by Cathy Wessels

2nd:  “Cactus on Spanish Wall” by Patricia Hunter

3rd:  “Ranunculus” by Judy Richardson

HM:  “Golden Sunset” by Holly Wolfe


1st:  “Swami’s Steps” by Judy Salinsky

2nd:  “Creatures of the Sea” by Cheryl Ehlers

3rd:  “Flowers for Two” by Charlene Meeker

HM:  “Sunset Song” by J.D. Duncan

HM:  “The Birth” by Nasrin Kheiri


1st:  “It’s ‘Moo’ Time” by Elizabeth Hamud

2nd:  “Ranunculus” by Sally Bly


1st:  “Beer:30” by Michael Chesnut (Colored Pencil)

2nd:  “Storm Brewing” by Terry Scott Allen (Photography)

3rd:  “Aboard the John B.” by David Rickert (Mixed Media)

HM:  “Spoon Fork Bracelet” by Karla Nederlof (Jewelry)

HM:  “Yellow House, Canyon Road” by Cathy White House (Pastel)