April Monthly Show Winners

Best of Show: 


by Andria Costas Sullivan




1st:  “Santa Cruz Light” by Nancy Atherton West

2nd:  “The Musicians” by Shirley Church

3rd:  “Orchids & Brass” by Holly Wolfe


1st:  “Less Is More – Anthurium” by Bea Gold

2nd: “Primordial” by Laurel Roberts

3rd:  “Among the Rushes” by Janet Weinstein


1st:  “Medieval Candle Maker” by Judy Richardson

2nd:  “My Buddy” by Tom Shannon

3rd:  “Rain on the Way” by Elizabeth Gilpin

HM:  “Fall at the Lake” by Joanne Geroe

Other 1 (Jewelry and Photography)

1st:  “Spring!” by Bobbi Harrington

2nd:  “Young Angler” by Betty Byrd

Mixed Media

1st:  “Still Stirred” by Liz Holzinger

2nd:  “It’s a Circus Out There” by Jean Dybes

3rd:  “Spring Blooms” by Karen Krugman

Other 2 (Digital Art, Fused Glass, and Textile)

1st:  “A Crane and a Frog” by Clay Harris

2nd:  “Sparkle Blue Shawl” by Doreen Long

3rd:  “Bubble Glass Vase/Votive” by Ianne Pruss