* indicates this artist is an exhibitor in the Off Track Gallery

Irina Bender

Acrylics, Oils

Charlene Bonney

Charlene Bonney Watercolors and Acrylics
Acrylics, Oils, Watercolor

Ren Daniels

Acrylics, Oils, Watercolor

Jean Dybes *

Acrylics, Collage

Marcene (Marcy) Evers

Acrylics, Mixed Media

Ann Blessing Gallagher

Ann Blessing Gallagher Where Seldom Is Heard
Acrylics, Mixed Media

Bobbi Harrington *

Bobbi Harrington
Acrylics, Jewelry, Oils

Julie Harris


Banni Hughes


Kert Jans


Vicky Jans


Nancy-Jo Klaphaak *

Klaphaal Nancy
Acrylics, Alcohol Ink, Ceramic Arts, Drawing, Mixed Media, Oils, Printmaking

Gary Koop

Photography by Gary Koop
Acrylics, Digital Art, Oils, Portraits

Karen Krugman *

Acrylics, Mixed Media, Watercolor

Galina Marcus

Acrylics, Pen & Ink

Kelly Marshall


Charlene Meeker *

Charlene Meeker
Acrylics, Colored Pencil, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink

Catherine Montgrain


Virginia Murray


K. Brooks Reid

Acrylics, Graphite, Ink, Watercolor

Aceneth Rengifo

Acrylics, Mixed Media, Oils

Petr Studitsky

Acrylics, Polymer Clay, Woodburning

Rosemary Valente

Acrylics, Mixed Media, Oils, Textiles

Aura Walmer

Acrylics, Digital Art, Mixed Media

Scott Wooster

Acrylics, Oils

Shandra Zawacki *

Acrylics, Fiber Art, Oils, Watercolor