* indicates this artist is an exhibitor in the Off Track Gallery

Hao Aiken *

Hao Aiken Watercolor
Digital Art, Mixed Media, Photography, Watercolor

Cynthia A. Brenneman

Cynthia A. Brenneman Encaustics, Oils, Watercolor
Encaustics, Oils, Watercolor, Watermedia

Deborah Buffington *

Acrylics, Enamel, Mixed Media, Oils

Joan Burman

Joan Burman
Pen & Ink, Watercolor

Christine Chyou


Lisa Curry *

Pastels, Photography, Watercolor

Dot Dodds

Dot Dodds Watercolor

Patricia Franco

Oils, Photography, Sculpture, Watercolor

Ann Blessing Gallagher

Ann Blessing Gallagher Where Seldom Is Heard
Acrylics, Mixed Media

Mary Jollon

Collage, Oils, Pastels, Watercolor

Nina Jumps

Nina Jumps Watercolor

Basia Koenig

Basia Koening
Graphite, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Silverpoint

Doreen Long *

The Circle Man by Doreen Long
Fiber Art, Mixed Media, Multi Media, Photography

Laura Lowenstein

Painting by Laura Lowenstein
Oils, Pastels, Watercolor

Vilma Malmberg

Painting by Vilma Malmberg
Mixed Media, Other Media

Charlene Meeker *

Charlene Meeker
Acrylics, Colored Pencil, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink

Linda Meeker *

Mixed Media, Oils, Pastels, Watercolor

Linda Melvin *

Linda Melvin Painting
Jewelry, Mixed Media, Oils, Watercolor

Diane O’Connell *

Diane O'Connell
Oils, Photography, Watercolor

Annie Omens

Digital Photography, Mixed Media

Rachel Reed

Mixed Media

Judy Richardson

Oils, Watercolor

Susie Romain

Painting by Susie Romain
Acrylics, Watercolor

Marilyn Shayegan

Watercolor by Marilyn Shayegan

B.J. Simon

Oils, Pastels, Watercolor

Stan Stevenson

Oils, Pastels, Watercolor

Bruce Stewart *


Hildegarde Stubbs

Hildegarde Stubbs Watercolor

Joanne Sullivan


Rosemary Valente

Acrylics, Mixed Media, Oils, Textiles

Pamela Taylor Waldman

Oils, Photography, Watercolor

Patricia Watkins *

Jewelry by Pat Watkins
Jewelry, Watercolor