22X30 Watercolor

Cheryl Ehlers

Watercolor | Acrylics
Art Without Emotion Is Not Art

As an artist the ability to see beyond the obvious is an amazing insight into nature that surrounds us. I believe that an artist is born with an exceptional visualization.  A true gift of universal communication.

Cheryl Ehlers is an award winning and published artist, who enjoys bringing art awareness to the forefront.  One of the engines that drive’s her is the freedom to express and communicate with passion.  Believing art, at its best, should be creative, expressionist and emotional, she uses a bold and colorful style.

Ehlers is the founder of The Stardust Arts which serves underserved youth in the community. She also is the current arts program coordinator for the City of Encinitas, CA, and is an artist representative for the United Nations (UNESCO).  Her art has been shared with the world on behalf of art education and the environment, it is an honor to be part of something larger then yourself.

Art is a celebration of a way to share visions, thoughts and feelings. To be able to touch an individual with your art is priceless.

Visit the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNra_82J2J0

Seaflowers I by Cheryl Ehlers