Graceland by Artie Mattson

Artie Mattson

Creative and Whimsical Pen and Ink Drawings

Artie’s drawings flow from the end of the pen spontaneously with no pre-sketching. The composition is instinctive. The meticulous busyness encourages the viewer to take the time to explore the drawing. Artie’s work combines literal imagery, color, design, and — most of all –imagination in a way that doesn’t make sense literally, but works visually. The pictures seem to tell a story but without a specific plot or narrative.

However, each piece has a theme that allows the viewer to move from one experience to another. The use of animals engaging in human activities gives the work universal, cultural, and ethnic appeal. Some pieces are inspired by a certain location, or famous person or people; some are autobiographical; others just start out with an object such as a house or a boat and grow spontaneously.

Artie’s work is lighthearted but is, never the less, complex and unique. Her personal motto is that “Serious art does not have to be serious.”

American Homes by Artie Mattson

American Homes

Jurassic Party by Artie Mattson

“Jurassic Party”

City by the Bay by Artie Mattson

“City By The Sea”

Fab Four by Artie Mattson

“Fab Four”

Steam Punk by Artie Mattson

“Steam Punk”

Surf Music by Artie Mattson

“Surf Music”