“Alchemy of Sunlight”
Oil, 24″ x 36″

Sarwat Suleiman


suleiman jewelry

“Abalone and Coral Earrings”

I have been creating and selling my jewelry for over eleven years, and it has been a joy to make wearable art that is naturally from the earth. I only use the very best materials to create with such as sterling silver from Turkey, Bali or Thailand. My semi-precious stones come from a huge variety of different countries all of them with a history or story of their own. I never duplicate my work; therefore you will receive a true one of a kind piece of jewelry. I feel that my jewelry is very reasonably priced for the quality.  I am able to do this because I buy most of my beads directly from the country itself where they were mined. I use a variety of techniques when creating my pieces such as wire wrapping, stamping, soldering, and stringing.  When you purchase one of my pieces I can give you a break down of what part of the world the silver and the stones all came from originally and it comes packaged in a beautifully handmade sachet. I hope to have the privilege to show at your art show.

Thank You,

Sarwat Suleiman

suleiman jewelry

“Wire Wrapped Green Turquoise Necklace”

suleiman s jewelry

“Glass and Turquoise beads with Heart”


“Hand Stamped Copper Pendant with Unikite Beads”

"Wire Wrapped Geode with Amethyst Beads" by Suleiman

“Jasper Beads and Geode”

Suleiman S

“Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Tiger Eye”

suleiman jewelry

“Wire Wrapped Geode with Amethyst Beads”