22X30 Acrylic on canvas

Cheryl Ehlers

Acrylics | Watercolor | Mixed Media
To create, you must close your eyes and sing…..Picasso

As a youth, Cheryl’s home was always where she parked your shoes. Her mind is a palette of snapshots and memories, full of color and collected while traveling Europe. “Memories were the one item that did not have to be left behind, because it wouldn’t fit into a suitcase”.

Ehlers is an award winning and well published artist, and paints in an array of artistic styles; impressionism, contemporary and abstract. With her signature of bold and colorful art, she utilizes watercolor and acrylic mediums. She is active as an avid arts advocate for charities, youth groups, and city programs.

She tirelessly champions artists and art students in local communities and enriches their lives in the process. She likes to bring art together with people, and educate awareness of art’s value in everyone’s lives. thus drives to support community events that bring art awareness to the forefront.  Presently, she is the Arts Program Assistant for the City of Encinitas, Civic Arts Program, managing 56 exhibitions a year and was awarded the 2014 Volunteer of the Year by the Encinitas 101 Mainstreet Association. A dynamic force in North County, Cheryl reaches out, and is a dedicated example of giving back to artists, emerging and professional. as she provides a local newsletter ARTBUZZ1 that is filled with opportunities for artist’s.

In honor of her mentor who left an indelible impression, decades later,   Ehlers formed The Stardust Arts, a nonprofit-joint ventured program which broke ground with an artist’s grant from the Kenneth A Picerne Foundation.  She continues to share with North County youth the gifts she received from her teacher long ago. Since 2009 she has served over 11650 underserved students and brought the “Angels” program into the element, with individual sponsorship and grants, providing children with an art education. Within one year, The Stardust Arts was recognized by the California State Assembly and the San Diego Board of  Supervisors for it contributions to art for  youth in the communities of North San Diego County. Ehlers believes, that art can have a tremendous impact on lives and advises students “don’t be afraid to explore yourself, or be concerned what others think.” She stresses the importance of creating confidence first, and talent second, in order that students feel empowered to succeed. Visit The Stardust Arts at thestardustarts.com. (you will find above a page on The Stardust Arts assigned “More”. Join in and have fun with the students).

Her inexhaustible drive to succeed is a trait shared with her extremely accomplished family elders. In making time to create her own artwork, the self-professed scheduling fanatic says, “I believe you need to learn to focus on tasks at hand and simply put one foot in front of the other. ​The rest will follow. Creativity is contagious, and so is happiness”.

Visit her entire portfolio at  Fine Art America.  and her video at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNra_82J2J0