A Little Fog by Joyce Nash

“A Little Fog”

Joyce Nash


Wild Thing II by Joyce Nash

“Wild Thing II”

Joyce is primarily a studio painter specializing in water media.  She works from sketches, value and color studies and photographs she takes on location.  She is best known for her varied and exciting color schemes which may range from dramatic contrast to subtle mood changes. Joyce may use color to draw onlookers to her painting where they may observe more closely some of the more delicate design elements.  “I’m always thrilled when someone tells me my paintings have feeling”.

Joyce likes to work in series allowing her to use a different approach to each painting giving each its own interpretation.  One of her most successful is “Sanctuary” based on the Tillman Marsh in upstate New York.  “It’s a terrific place to meditate, relax and for me, to draw and take photos.  The Canada Geese which are common to the area are often featured in the work and have become a symbol of the place for me.”

Another popular series is her “Rocks and Palms” set of paintings which feature desert scenes as well as works based on her travels and even plants and trees in her neighborhood.  “I have always been fascinated by the desert and have many photos and sketches from hiking the trails in Borrego Springs and Palm Springs trails in California.  It’s amazing to me that though many of these trails are not always maintained well, there is beauty and order nevertheless….and there really are springs.”

Living in Southern California gives Joyce the opportunity to paint seascapes.  She has painted several versions of the Big Sur area as well scenes from local beaches.  “Seascapes can evoke tranquility at times and yet can also be powerful and energetic.  I love the variety.”

Currently, Joyce is a member of several professional art organizations which provide her with many opportunities to display and sell her paintings.   She has also been juried into many shows and has won awards for her work.

Joyce believes that the pursuit of one’s art passion is a never-ending learning experience. “Whether it’s developing existing skills or mastering a new technique, creating art always presents challenges.”  She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Boston University and has studied with Nicholas Simmons, Elaine Harvey, Ken Goldman, Kathleen Conover and Stephen Quiller.  These artists serve as models for the type of creative painting she tries to achieve.