“Iceberg #6 of 65 Roses”
Original Sold 2005
Cards & Giclee’s available

Wanda Olson

Part of the 65 Roses Collection

Wanda Olson

“Love #18 of 65 Roses”

I have been painting in transparent watercolor since June of 2004.  My passion is ROSES and I plan to paint 65 of them in memory of my daughter, Michele, who passed away from Cystic Fibrosis in 1999.  I paint from photographs I have taken in my yard, house and on vacations.  I studied black and white photography and drawing at Palomar College in the mid to late 1970’s.  Then I went to work doing bookwork and accounting at UCSD for 23 years and retired at the age of 56.  I love doing things with my hands and am willing to try most anything.  I’m pretty much a self-taught artist, however I must give credit to Sandra Bray for getting me started with the right art supplies and showing me some wet in to wet watercolor technics.  I’m a member of San Dieguito Art Guild, San Diego Watercolor Society and the La Jolla Art Assocation.  I love painting and the artists that I have met.

Thanks for looking at my work.

“Chicago Peace # 6 of 65 Roses”
Original sold 2007
Cards and Giclee’s Available

“The Pink Ladies #25 of 65 Roses”

Sisters in Memory of Jan L #20 of 65 Roses

“Grandmas Singer #13 of 65 Roses”

“Brass Band #22 of 65 Roses”

“Mr. Lincoln #16 of 65 Roses”
Original Sold 2007
Cards & Giclee’s available