Ocean Abstract

Shades of blue green, gold, and pink transparent Japanese enamels on a roller-printed background. Reticulated silver setting.

I’ve been working with enamels for more than 15 years, but really a lifetime isn’t enough. Enamel is the art of fusing powdered glass to metal, usually copper or silver, and the colors are brighter than paint. My focus is on jewelry pieces, using a fine silver base and silver wire in the cloisonne technique to create cells of rich transparent enamel.

I’ve studied with several well-known enamelists, including Pat Akin (my first enamel teacher), Ricky Frank, and in recent years, with Merry-Lee Rae.

I’ve won several awards for my work, including the Spanish Village Small Image show, and the San Diego County Fair jewelry competition. I’m a member of the San Diego Enamel Guild, as well as SDAG, and my work is displayed at the Off Track Gallery in Encinitas as well as Spanish Village Studio 5 in Balboa Park (San Diego).


A study in shading transparent enamels, with contrast in black and an opal white background.

Female Figure

Designed for an on-line workshop with Merry-Lee Rae to study shading human figures. There’s a base of opaque enamel overlaid with several layers of brown, blue, and green transparent enamels to achieve a 3D effect.


A study in managing pink transparent enamels. They are notorious for a chemical reaction with silver, which turns the colors orange, or even brown.

Desert Landscape

Cactus in a desert landscape inspired by Martinez Lake, AZ, on the Colorado River.

Holiday Ornaments

A series of holiday themed ornaments. Outlines are drawn in fine line black ink on a white background, which is fired before being filled with layers of transparent enamels. Each layer is fired separately.


Abstraction inspired by the sculpture of Isamu Noguchi.