Cut, carved, burned, and dyed

Grace Swanson

Gourds, Watercolor


I am a watercolor and acrylic artist but discovered the world of gourds about 8 years ago.

I love every facet of this art form — from the cleaning, to burning, to sanding, to dying — you name it.

It is a great challenge to be working in 3-D instead of 2-D.

My interest in gourds was sparked by a one-day workshop that I took at San Diego Botanic Garden. I knew about gourds from my childhood in Nigeria, where the people use gourds for everything, from spoons to bowls and for storage.

I purchase my gourds uncleaned and uncut from Welburn Gourd Farm

I am a member of the San Diego County Gourd Artists,  the California Gourd Society, and the Misti Washington Gourd and Basket Guild.


Carved and dyed,
long leaf dyed pine needles

Chip carved gourd on stone base

pine needles,

parrot feathers, yarns

“Tree of Life”
copper and stone chips

Burned and dyed

Stone insert,
Montezuma pine needles