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Darlene Katz



Darlene Katz, Fine Artist
Darlene Katz is an award winning artist, born and raised in Syracuse, NY, now based in Southern California. Darlene’s work is displayed in Southern California galleries and national juried shows, in addition to private and corporate collections. Her inspiration comes from her travels as well as everyday scenes. She creates a series of oil paintings for each subject she paints, which highlight her versatility with color, value, and subject matter. Darlene paints landscapes, figures, portraits and animals. She enjoys capturing special moments of our lives on canvas, whether it’s a sunset, wedding, birth, or a dog with a favorite toy. Her work is technically proficient without losing the freshness of her painting, no matter what the subject, and her unique style is recognizable in all of her work. See or to view Darlene’s portfolio and a complete list of current and upcoming exhibits. Commissions are welcome.
Artist Statement:
I am a scientist by training and an artist by choice and I believe that identical skills are necessary for both art and science. Art requires a knowledge of technical information and science requires creativity. Both are necessary to develop an emotional response in the observer . In my own paintings, I look for value, composition and simplicity. Subject matter is also important, but the power and resulting statement of my paintings comes from the technical interpretation of the work. My goal for each painting is to capture and preserve a unique moment in time because no matter what the subject matter, that moment is unique.
— Darlene Katz

In the Lead

“In the Lead”



Torrey Pines View

“Torrey Pines View”

Morning Constitutional

“Morning Constitutional”

“Sweet Grass Weaver”