Tangiers Circle Jumbo & Mini

Gayle Baker


GCB Designs Mission Statement:

To create wearable art while doing as little damage to the Earth as possible and giving back to the global community so that others might succeed.

There are many obstacles in creating an earth-friendly line of jewelry.  One of the first issues is consumer awareness.  Many people are not informed of the damage that mining causes.  The process displaces people and animals, poisons waterways, and decimates virgin land.  The jewelry industry estimates that 10 tons of ore must be mined to uncover enough gold for one ring.  In comparison, a male Savannah elephant averages 6 tons in weight.

Another issue in creating an eco line is the assumption that to be eco, the designs have to be made of hemp & glass, or lack style… far removed from fashion.

By using only antique diamonds and reclaimed gold & silver, we make recycling into an art with each piece hand-crafted in the USA by artists in Southern California.  We have achieved the balance of combining designs born of dreams, living organic forms, and vintage design with the desire to produce environmentally responsible jewelry and to contribute to the conservation of the planet.

-Gayle C. Baker

 Galye Baker Tangiers Circle Jumbo

GCB designs has the heartfelt belief that we live in a time where we can produce goods with little or no damage to the Earth.  If consumers demand a better, more ethical product, then companies will respond.  We offer a choice demanded by the consumer…. you!

Tiki Island Necklace

Tiki Island and Double Stack
Recycled Sterling Silver

Tangiers Jumbo Heart Ear

Tiki Island Earrings

Recylced Sterling Silver

Tangiers Triple Stack

 Tangiers Heart Earrings