Sharon Hoffman Pat's Bouquet, Acrylic, 24x30
“Pat’s Bouquet”

Sharon Hoffman

Acrylics, Photography & Watercolor


Sharon Hoffman Flowers on a Summer's Day, Acrylic, 24x30

 Flowers on a Summer’s Day, Acrylic, 24×30

I reside in the Rancho Bernardo/Carmel Mountain Ranch area of San Diego County. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan but have called California my home for more than half of my life. I have been interested in fine art from an early age and used to go with my fellow high school students to the Detroit Institute of Art to copy the Masters.

I moved to Hawaii from Detroit and lived there for a year and a half and then moved to San Diego.  The early days of living in San Diego were filled with life drawing classes at City College and then years of studying black and white photography at Grossmont College. I became immersed in volunteering at The Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) in Balboa Park and the photography world. When I first started painting it was using watercolor but I soon discovered acrylics and have painted with them since.

Artist’s Statement:

I love to paint with a lot of bright color. I love the texture of acrylics and how thick I can paint with them if it moves me. I paint for therapy. I paint to share; to entice the viewer to experience what I am feeling when I put the paint to canvas. About seven years ago I became more involved in the art community and began painting on a regular basis. When I am painting loose and free my best works evolve in an impressionistic vein and these are the most satisfying images to me and the ones that I want most to share with the world.

I have exhibited both photography and paintings at the Del Mar Fair and have been an award winner in acrylic painting there. I have exhibited at the Del Mar Art Center, the Jazzercise Corporate Headquarters in Carlsbad and the Off Track Gallery in Encinitas.

Sharon Hoffman Flowers in Striped Vase, Acrylic, 16x20

“Flowers in Striped Vase”


16″ x 20″

Sharon Hoffman Flowers for Melissa, Acrylic, 16x20

“Flowers for Melissa”



Sharon Hoffman Aware, Acrylic, 24x36



24″ x 36″

Sharon Hoffman Pepper Tree

“Pepper Tree”


11″ x 14″

Sharon Hoffman Brighten My Day, Acrylic, 24x30

“Brighten My Day”


24″ x 30″

Sharon Hoffman Showing Off

“Showing Off”


11″ x 14″